May 2010: UNIX Note flashback

If in case you are new to our site, Welcome to UNIX Note! The month of May has passed and lots of How-To guides and some UNIX, AIX, Solaris Tips have been shared. Here is a quick round up of the Tips and Tricks as well as How-To guides that you might have missed:

[Solaris Tip] savecore: not enough space
[How To] Restore Solaris with ufsrestore
[How To] Backup Solaris with ufsdump
[Solaris Tip] Trim wtmpx file
[Solaris Tip] Merge Files
[Solaris Tip] Split Large Files
[How To] Remove EMC Dead Paths on Solaris
[How To] Reset RSC thru Solaris
[Solaris Tip] SVM Soft Partition Basics
[How To] Kill All Processes by User in UNIX
[How To] Free up Filesystem hogged by Application in UNIX

Now June has come and hope to see you for our next note!