Available Commands for Sun / Oracle ALOM

There are times that we really rely on the manual (man) pages when it comes to getting the right options for a certain command under UNIX boxes. But when it comes to Sun/Oracle Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM) we can count on with the help command. Here are the commands that you can have with Sun/Oracle Advanced Lights Out Manager

sc> help
Available commands
poweron {FRU}
poweroff [-y] [-f]
removefru [-y] {FRU}
reset [-y] [-x]
break [-y]
bootmode [normal|reset_nvram|diag|skip_diag|bootscript=”string”]
console [-f]
consolehistory [-b lines|-e lines] [-g lines] [-v] [boot|run]
showlogs [-b lines|-e lines] [-g lines] [-v]
setlocator [on|off]
showplatform [-v]
showsc [-v] [param]
shownetwork [-v]
setsc [param] [value]
setdate [[mmdd]HHMM | mmddHHMM[cc]yy][.SS]
resetsc [-y]
flashupdate [-s IPaddr -f pathname] [-v]
setdefaults [-y] [-a]
useradd <username>
userdel [-y] <username>
usershow [username]
userpassword <username>
userperm <username> [c][u][a][r]
showusers [-g lines]
help [command]

Sample for help for command showenvironment:

sc> help showenvironment
This command displays the environmental status information available to the SC for the managed system.

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