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Google+ Invite Request

Just fill in your name and email address on the following fields for us to send you the invites. Your details will not be displayed publicly. Currently Google+ is under maintenance but we will try to send the invites as soon as Google+ comes up again.

Looks like the invite system will be more strict than it has given its beta users hours back. You may still want to place in your details and we will try to send you the invite the soonest. Our apologies.

Google+ Invite Shuts Down

Oracle Solaris 11 Express

The latest Operating System that Oracle has in store for all of us System Administrators can now be tried out now. Oracle Solaris 11 Express is the latest OS offering that focuses on these key technologies:

Oracle Solaris Availability
x86 Optimization for Oracle Solaris
ZFS Technology
Image Packaging System (IPS)
Network Virtualization

Based on Oracle Solaris 11 Express site:

Oracle Solaris 11 Express raises the bar on the functionality introduced in Oracle Solaris 10, continuing Oracle’s leadership for providing the best choice for mission critical operating system enterprise environments. With new features such as network based package management tools to greatly decrease planned system downtime and provide for a complete safe system upgrade, built-in network virtualization and delegated administration for an unprecedented level of flexibility for application consolidation, and continued leadership for providing the highest levels of security, Oracle Solaris 11 Express is the most exciting release of the Oracle Solaris platform to date.

Oracle Solaris 11 Express is fully tested and supported on a variety of SPARC and x86-based systems from Oracle and other hardware platforms from 3rd party vendors. Support on Exadata Database machine and Exalogic Elastic Cloud is coming soon.

To get our hands dirty, go download the Oracle Solaris 11 Express now!

High Availability on Oracle Solaris with Clustering

Having a Mission-Critical Environment means a system downtime could mean a lot. Here comes the high availability comes in, and with clustering this give our service availability very high. In the upcoming Solaris 11, high availability is the main focus of Oracle. Solaris Cluster covers a lot of applications, zfs and virtualized zones.

To check out all the best that would be coming out with Solaris Cluster check out this podcast.

For more info check Solaris Cluster Website

Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers

The product pages for Oracle’s M-Series of SPARC servers are now online! These boxes now include the latest SPARC technology in the name of SPARC64 VII+ quad-core processor. Based from their site:

Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers running Oracle Solaris deliver the highest levels of performance, scalability, and availability for mission-critical applications. They provide an always-on platform that is ideal for system consolidation and they offer the highest level of investment protection.

Highest Performance and Scalability: Deploy from 1 to 64 processors for mission-critical, complex application workloads, including OLTP, data warehouse, and ERP
Ideal Consolidation Platform: Reduces complexity and overhead with built-in virtualization
Most Affordable High Availability: Delivers mission-critical availability features at a fraction of the cost
Assured Investment Protection: Provides hardware and operating system upgrades that work with your existing systems

Check out more from the Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers Product Page

Or if you want to jump straight to specific model, check this out:

SPARC Enterprise M3000
SPARC Enterprise M4000
SPARC Enterprise M5000
SPARC Enterprise M8000
SPARC Enterprise M9000

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iPhone vs Android vs Blackbery

The battle of the smartphones for the consumer’s money is very high. Each company will always bet for their latest and greatest products to make us buy. But when it comes to users, it is so funny how they see each other when it comes to using such smartphone or should I say superphones. It looks like this image tells it all (and which side are you???):

iPhone vs Android vs BB

Thanks to C-Section Comics for the image.

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