Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers

The product pages for Oracle’s M-Series of SPARC servers are now online! These boxes now include the latest SPARC technology in the name of SPARC64 VII+ quad-core processor. Based from their site:

Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers running Oracle Solaris deliver the highest levels of performance, scalability, and availability for mission-critical applications. They provide an always-on platform that is ideal for system consolidation and they offer the highest level of investment protection.

Highest Performance and Scalability: Deploy from 1 to 64 processors for mission-critical, complex application workloads, including OLTP, data warehouse, and ERP
Ideal Consolidation Platform: Reduces complexity and overhead with built-in virtualization
Most Affordable High Availability: Delivers mission-critical availability features at a fraction of the cost
Assured Investment Protection: Provides hardware and operating system upgrades that work with your existing systems

Check out more from the Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers Product Page

Or if you want to jump straight to specific model, check this out:

SPARC Enterprise M3000
SPARC Enterprise M4000
SPARC Enterprise M5000
SPARC Enterprise M8000
SPARC Enterprise M9000

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