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Printer Management on AIX

Managing printer is one of the least task of a Unix System Admin. But printer management is typically easy to get along with as there is just minimal commands and options that we use. Here are some of my trusted commands to manage printers:

From the man pages of enq(1):

The enq command is a general-purpose utility for enqueuing requests to a 
shared resource, typically a printer device. Use the enq command to enqueue 
requests, cancel requests, alter the priority of a request, and display the 
status of queues and devices.

Check ALL Printer Queues:

[email protected]# lsallq

Check Printer status:

[email protected]# enq -s -P <PRINTER NAME>

Check Printer Queue:

[email protected]# enq -q -P <PRINTER NAME>

Start UP Printer

[email protected]# enq -U -P <PRINTER NAME>

Shutdown abruptly the Printer

[email protected]# enq -D -P <PRINTER NAME>

Shutdown Gracefully the printer

[email protected]# enq -G -P <PRINTER NAME>

Delete ALL print JOBS

[email protected]# enq -X -P <PRINTER NAME>

Delete specific Print Job

[email protected]# enq -x <print ID> -P <PRINTER NAME>